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        Single Event Effect Detection Translation, Chi-Eng. 我們為中國空間技術研究院提供翻譯;翻譯內容:單粒子效應檢測方法;翻譯語種:中譯英。
        衛星、飛船運行于軌道空間, 不可避免地遭遇各種帶電粒子的輻射, 空間帶電粒子通過與星上電子元器件相互作用產生輻射效應, 對衛星造成不同程度的損傷, 威脅衛星安全運行。
        Satellites and spacecraft operating in the orbit of space will inevitably suffer from radiation emitted by various kinds of charged particles. Afterwards, these parties in space and electronic components in the satellites will interact with each other to produce the radiation effect, which will cause damage to the satellites to varying degrees and threaten their safe operation.
        Single Event Upset (SEU), Single Event Latchup (SEL) or Single Event Burnout (SEB), arising from the microelectronic devices being exposed to space radiation, are collectively referred to as the single event effect (SEE). SEE is among the crucial factors threatening the in-orbit normal operation and service life of satellites and different types of spacecraft.
        元器件在用于衛星型號之前,必須在地面用高能質子或重離子加速器產生的高能質子或重離子模擬空間輻射環境,測量其抗單粒子翻轉、單粒子鎖定、 單粒子燒毀能力和出現這些效應的截面,以判斷其是否達到了所需的抗輻射性能指標。器件單粒子效應評估結果與單粒子效應測試方法有關。本文建立了一種SRAM單粒子效應測試方法,可較好的區分SRAM內部各功能單元的單粒子效應敏感性。
        Before applying a component to one type of satellite, high-energy protons or heavy ions generated from high-energy proton or heavy ion accelerators must be used on the ground to simulate the space radiation environment. The aim is to measure its ability to resist SEU, SEL and SEB, and the sections where these effects occur, in a move to judge whether the component has reached the required anti-radiation performance indicator. The result of evaluating the single event effect in a component is related with the SEE testing method. Given that, this paper creates a SRAM-based SEE testing method which will prove effective in differentiating between the internal functions units of SRAM in their sensitivity to SEE.

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