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        Urban Traffic Translation, Chi - Eng. 我們為中規院提供翻譯;翻譯內容:城市交通;翻譯語種:中譯英。
        中國城市交通發展論壇2018年第4次研討會“城市貨運與城市健康發展” 于2018年11月22日在武漢市召開,本次會議由武漢市交通發展戰略研究院承辦。城市貨運與城市健康發展是一個系統而又復雜的問題,相比客運交通發展,貨運交通也是城市交通發展中明顯的薄弱和短板環節。就當前的實際情況來看,城市貨運物流體系發展還存在著基礎數據不全、設施布局不優、資源整合不夠、運營效率不高等諸多問題。如何促進城市貨運物流設施的資源整合、形成合力,實現客運與貨運的健康協調發展,成為大家共同關注的一個重要話題。本刊編選此次會議部分專家發言,供讀者交流討論。
        Undertaken by the Wuhan Transport Development Strategy Institute, the 4th Seminar of 2018 of the China Urban Transport Development Forum entitled "Urban Freight Transportation and Healthy Urban Development" was held in Wuhan on November 22, 2018. Urban freight transportation and healthy urban development comes as a systematic and complex issue. Compared with the development of passenger transportation, freight transportation is also an evidently vulnerable and weak part in urban transport development. Judging from current realities, the urban freight logistics system is subject to a host of issues in its development, including inadequate basic data, poor facility arrangement, insufficient resource integration and low operating efficiency. Against such a backdrop, how to facilitate the resource integration of urban freight logistics facilities and harness the synergy so as to achieve the healthy and coordinated development of passenger and freight transportation evolves into a key topic of common concern. This publication selects and edits the statements made by some of the participating experts.
        Urban Development and Cooperation Governance in the Age of Globalization
        The Seminar on Urban Development and Cooperation Governance in the Age of Globalization was staged at the Sino-French Center of Tongji University on June 3, 2018. The event was hosted by the Tongji University Sustainable Development and New-type Urbanization Think-tank, Tongji University Global Research Center on City and Cooperation Governance, and the International School of Tongji University. Experts and scholars present at the Seminar come from economics, public administration, social science, political science, transport engineering and other disciplines and fields. They shared research findings and engaged in in-depth exchanges and discussions on such topics as "the modernization of urban governance and urban transport governance from multi-disciplinary perspectives", "key issues of governance for sustainable urban development" and "urban future and cooperation governance". Due to space limitations, this publication selects and edits the statements made by some experts. 

        上一篇:CEO Address translation, Eng - Chi. 我們為某跨國機構提供英中翻譯,翻譯內容:CEO致辭;翻譯方向:英譯中。
        下一篇:Single Event Effect Detection Translation, Chi-Eng. 我們為中國空間技術研究院提供翻譯;翻譯內容:單粒子效應檢測方法;翻譯語種:中譯英。

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