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        CEO Address translation, Eng - Chi. 我們為某跨國機構提供英中翻譯,翻譯內容:CEO致辭;翻譯方向:英譯中。
        Global connections achieving superior local results has been our tagline for a decade.
        The vision that led to this statement has become a reality in those 10 years. XXX proudly boasts offices on all continents with local health, safety, environment and sustainability experts in every one of them.
        We will not stop there - we believe things can always be done better, there’s always another country where we need to be to help our clients, always a new practice to develop. We are addressing today’s EHS requirements while working on tomorrow's solutions — delivered at a superior quality level.
        On a global scale, but in an office close to yours, in your language - that is what XXX is all about.

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