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        Company profile translation (ENG - CHN) 。我們為Atkins(member of the SNC-Lavalin Group)提供英語翻譯(英譯中),翻譯內容:公司介紹。
        Designing, developing and executing future-focused solutions has been at heart of our business since day one. We turn complex projects from vision into reality for our clients, bringing together people, technology and data every step of the way to drive better outcomes across safety, sustainability and efficiency. By building on our century of success and embracing change, we’re striving to become the premier engineering solutions partner for our clients. That doesn’t mean simply embracing change as it happens and adapting to it: it means being the driving force behind that change.
        From partnering with technology leaders to develop game-changing software, to drawing on data to predict – and then meet – the needs of the cities of the future, we’re working in ways today that will shape the future of our industry. Whether working on the smallest scale local projects or the largest and most complex multinational ventures, the possibility of there being a better, smarter, more efficient way to do something is what drives us to continually push ourselves forward and deliver the best possible results for our clients.
        Delivering predictable results in an unpredictable world
        Mastering complexity relies on being able to spot patterns, understand data and on having the expertise and experience to be able to turn insights and ideas into results. We do this by combining data with the in-depth knowledge and ingenuity of our people to help our clients, and the communities they operate in, overcome many of today’s most pressing challenges. From population growth and climate change, to the rise of intelligent mobility and smart cities, we embrace technological developments and the power of data-driven insights to deliver smarter approaches and more cost-effective, safer and sustainable results.
        End-to-end solutions
        Our lifecycle expertise is a key element of what sets us apart: we have the breadth of capabilities to deliver results at every stage of a project’s lifespan, and the technology and data to continually push solutions to the next level. From financing and consulting, to design, engineering, operations and maintenance (and everything in between), we offer market-leading services and solutions that are truly interconnected.

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