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        In PracTrans, “integrity” is what underpins all our work, “down-to-earth attitude” is what the values of the whole team are based on, and “innovation” is what all our employees are persistently pursuing. We have been engaged in translations in the following eight fields over the past 16 years, and gained much translation experience.
        • Legal Translations
          PracTrans is licensed to operate by Beijing Industry and Commerce Administration and has passed all the necessary Beijing Public Security Bureau security checks and procedures. Since our foundation in 2003, we have been translating legal documents for Chinese and foreign law firms, licenses and permits for individual clients, both Chinese and foreign, as well as providing notarized translation services. The translation documents bearing our Professional Translation seal, in both Chinese and English, are legally valid and are accepted by judicial and public security governmental departments in China, foreign organizations in China, including embassies and consulates, as well as international organizations. Our interpreters are also authorized to provide courtroom interpreting services.
        • News, broadcasting and media translations
          News and media translations require the linguists to have their finger on the pulse of the global developments and a sophisticated understanding of history, economics, fashion and cultural trends, and geopolitical reality, and our highly educated, worldly staff can do just that. Magazine and newspaper publications on a great range of topics, from politics and technology to high couture, culture and entertainment, film and television series scripts – our specialized translation teams can do it all. In addition, our interpreters have great experience working at news conferences and cultural exchange programs and cultural visits both in China and abroad. And with our team of full-time translators, we could better accommodate the highly demanding timeline of news translation.
        • Energy and environmental protection translations
          The energy and the environmental protection issues are a global concern, but nowhere are they as acute as in China now. Since its foundation PracTrans made it a priority to establish the company as a major player in this field, and we now enjoy close, long term partnership with many national, international and governmental environmental protection organizations as well as alternative energy companies, organizations and think tanks, providing both written translations and oral interpretation services. We have great experience, both in translating and interpreting, in the fields of climate change and low-carbon economy policy, ecologically friendly urban planning, sustainable development and green economy, alternative energy sources, new energy vehicles, environmental legislation, endangered species protection, emissions control policy and environmental impact assessment.
        • Intellectual property and patent translations
          We are very proud of our wealth of experience in patent translation. This experience is the result of twelve years of extremely hard work in a great range of different fields: medical equipment, software and IT, communications technology, machinery, chemical industry, automotive industry, shipping, aviation and heavy industry. This has allowed us to build up a truly impressive lexical bank for many technological fields, allowing PracTrans to provide translations of great accuracy no matter how specialized it might be. Moreover, our interpreters provide on-site services for intellectual property and patent discussions and negotiations.
          When translating patent documents, we first put together a team – our experienced, specialized professional translators and project managers work in close cooperation with patent engineers and patent agents. Such fine specialization and work division allows us to offer tailor made project teams for every client, and this approach has, time and time again, been instrumental in the success of our clients’ patent applications.
        • Investment & Finance Translations
          Investment & finance translations have become a crucial part of the business in PracTrans amid an increasingly wide scale of investment and financing activities in China and beyond. Based on years of experience in practical translation, the PracTrans Investment &Finance Translation Team has gained much experience in this field, and is able to deliver quality translations that are accurate in wording and compliant with industry norms to our clients across industries like venture capital, banking, fund, equity, securities trading, mergers & acquisitions, company listing and futures.
        • Construction and engineering translations
          The speed and the scale of China’s development can only be understood if you actually see the sheer scale of construction happening in every Chinese city and town. China is building, and more and more foreign partners are becoming involved in the biggest construction project the world has ever seen. PracTrans is right there, in the middle of the action, and our translation portfolio reads like China’s economic development plan: airport terminal and commercial center building plans, BRT planning schemes, concept design and architectural task documents for major infrastructure projects, from television towers to railway terminals. Our interpreters have cut their teeth in numerous international construction business negotiations, architectural conferences, and forums.
        • Machinery translation
          Machinery translations have long taken up a large share of our business during the 16-year development. Years of experience have enabled us to set up our own glossary of terms. We now boast great strength in machinery translations and are able to deliver quality translations that are accurate in wording and compliant with industry norms to our clients across fields like engineering machinery, general machinery, electric machinery, environmental protection machinery, machine tools, automobiles, and instruments & apparatus.
        • Medicine and medical device translations
          We have entered into long-term partnerships with many Beijing-based medical establishments and pharmaceutical companies and have provided professional translation services for the R&D and cooperation between Chinese and foreign medical institutions. Our professional teams could do translations of medical literature, medicinal development, import & export of medical devices and international medical cooperation. Thanks to more than ten years of development, we have accumulated rich linguistic talent pool and translation experience in the field of medicine and medical device translations.
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