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        • Practical Translations Ltd (PracTrans) is a member of the Translators’ Association of China and the British Chamber of Commerce in China.
          The way we translate is first rate. Got a complex message? Require a swift turnaround? Need absolute attention to nuance in your document? Give us anything to translate and we will spell it out so you stand out!
          Practical Translations has been in the translation business for almost 18 years, providing interpretations for customers across the world. Language is our business and we love it! We’ve translated in many fields: law, environmental protection, news, business. We’ve translated highly technical and academic documents. We’ve done simultaneous interpretations, audio and video translations, plus multiple-language video subtitling and dubbing.
          Eloquence is guaranteed with our team of highly trained in-house linguists. We are skilled to native speaker level and your important words will be translated into natural, fluent language. Find your finest expression with us.
          We, Chinese, revere tradition and stability, but also embrace progress, admire innovation and learn extremely fast, and our company is no exception. A hundred years ago a great scholar and the father of Chinese translation theory, Yan Fu, set the standard for translation, which we, Chinese still hold in great esteem. Yan Fu summarized the essence of good translation in three Chinese characters: XIN (信), which means faithfulness, DA(達), which means expressiveness, and YA (雅), meaning elegance. Yan Fu’s teaching is the foundation of our company’s philosophy, but we have also taken the liberty of expanding the great scholar’s concept to convey our commitment to our customers. The character XIN, is one of the characters used in the word for sincerity – we are honest and transparent in our dealings with customers. The character DA can also represent achievement – we help our customers to succeed in their business endeavor and also do everything in our power to make every translation a success. As for YA, or elegance, we want every member of our team to see their task not as a mundane routine, but as a piece of artwork for our customers to enjoy and appreciate.
          Since the foundation of the company, our team of linguists has translated more than 600 million Chinese characters and our interpreters have participated in more than 500 projects, including major international, regional and business conferences both in China and abroad. We have built long-term partnerships with more than 500 companies and enterprises around the world, and we constantly adjust and improve how we operate, according to both market demands and the realities of the ever-changing global business. We strive to be the leader in our industry, a partner worthy of trust of foreign customers in China, and we, as always, stand by the quality of our work.
          It is our honour to be at your service. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what channels of communication you use, no matter what you want to communicate, PracTrans is ready to be your partner. We see ourselves not just as translators, but builders of bridges, across which communication and ideas can flow, connecting cultures, languages and people.
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